Dealing with Poor Soil Conditions

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Dealing with Poor Soil Conditions

Are you frustrated with your Garden? Do you feel like you are putting a lot of effort for little to no return? Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are several homeowners across North America that feel the same way.

The primary reason? Soil. Yes…Soil. You know the dirt underneath your plants? It comes in different colours – Red, Brown or Black?

I am sure you know what I am talking about. If you are seeing little to no return, it means your soil is dormant. There are several reasons why plants have a hard time growing and it is imperative for all gardeners to know why.

These soil solutions should help you make the quick turnaround to reviving your garden.

Reasons for Bad Soil Conditions

There are several reasons why your currently dealing with poor soil conditions. While it difficult to pinpoint an exact reason, here are a few for you to ponder about:

PH Levels – Arguably the most important component of your soil. This is essentially the nutrition of the soil. All living thing need a balance to survive and thrive and your soil is no different. A perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (all found in fertilizer) is needed to ensure optimal growing conditions.

PH is usually measure on a scale of 0-14 and the ideal level is somewhere between 5-7. Too much PH is considered too acidic while too little puts you in the situation you are currently in.

Salt- Yes…Salt. Similar to the human body, Salt is not exactly good for any living organism. Salt is usually accumulated from excess fertilizer or water in the soil. Make sure you do not water your lawn too much as the water is great but the salt in it is not. Another reason why we all hate salt.

Type of Soil – As I previously mentioned – there are different types of soil – Top Soil, Triple Mix and Red Soil. It is imperative you know what each one should be used for. Top soil is used for attaching New Sod  to the ground.

This is possible because it has clay in it which aids in the attachment process. Triple Mix on the other hand is made of three main components – Manure, Top Soil and Peat Moss. This is really the type of soil you want in your beds.

It will help stimulate your growth process as it is the best type for garden beds. Lastly, there is Red Soil. Usually found in really hot areas of the world and North America – Arizona. Worst type of soil for Garden beds. Usually has a lot of sand component to it making it unfit for Gardens.

Bad Soil Solutions

Before I recommend a solutions, it is crucial you diagnose the correct problem. If you are not entirely sure about your results, consult your local landscaping contractor  to aid you in the process. Their experience and knowledge will get your sure fire results and your garden will be back to normal in no time.

Once you realize what you are lacking, you can go ahead with the proper solution. There are several additives that are available for your Soil – Organic Compost, Manure or topping up the existing soil. These additives are essentially in place to either raise PH levels or replace the existing soil

Drainage Damage

One of the key reasons why your soil is dormant has to do with water. Either too much of it or too little of it. One of the major reasons for excess salt in the soil is the lack a drainage systems. These puddles often bombard the root and that is when the damage takes place. There are several solutions for you to try out to ensure proper drainage procedures are in place.

Dry Dirt – Adding dry dirt such as limestone can soak up the possible limestone stuck in the soil 

Compost – Additional Compost will go ahead and soak up a lot of excess water in the soil allowing for better drainage.

Tilling – Make sure you till the soil annually. Over doing it will aggravate it and upset the natural drainage systems.

Grading – Grading issues are when there is a higher area and a lower area. The water from the higher areas flow down to the lower areas which in turn puddle areas of your garden creating drainage issues.

Irrigation – Having little to no water is very damaging. Make sure your current irrigation system is working properly and the amount of water being released is not too much.

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