Environment Friendly Landscaping

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Environment Friendly Landscaping 

Have you ever considered eco-friendly landscaping options? In a ever changing industry such as landscaping, there are always options to make your backyard more environmental friendly. The official term is call “Xeriscaping“. It is essentially the use of native plants, trees and shrubs in your property. It happens to be one of the latest phenomenon that is currently running wild in Western United States. The reason for this trend is due to large amount of greenery that hasn’t survived in foreign territory. In order to protect plants and their investment, people are resorting to picking local plants.

Does It Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely. By some accounts, over fifty percent of the water resources in many municipalities goes towards keeping landscape alive and well. Xeriscaping, by utilizing smart choice of vegetation, water saving irrigation techniques, and other water conservation measures, can cut down the water use in your home by up to 60%! That means big savings on water bills, a clean conscience when it comes to environmental responsibility, and best of all, this style of landscaping means the amount of time you’ll have to waste on maintaining your landscape will be reduced accordingly as well.

Xeriscaping Raises Property Values

Xeriscaping just like any landscaping projects increase the value of your property. Not only is it great from a financial standpoint but an environmental too. Native plants can survive the local weather conditions and often need lesser water and overall landscape maintenance . For any potential homeowner looking to purchase your property, this is a great selling point. They will be able to maintain the beautiful landscape at a fraction of the price. While our projections are not completely accurate, we estimate your property value increasing by at least 20%. If you have not considered Xeriscaping yet, you are not alone. Now is the perfect time to get started.

Weather is Big Factor

Xeriscaping is all about picking the right plants. In the absence of proper plants, Xeriscaping does not exists. When shopping for your plants or drawing up your landscape design, account for the proper plants. Keep in mind the amount of maintenance needed for all plants to ensure long term health and vitality. You are much better off planting vegetation with similar needs together. This way you save water as well as time and money.

Xeriscaping is a Culture

Xeriscaping is not just about picking native plants, trees and shrubs. It is about making your landscape more environmental friendly. This can be anything from recycling your soil to limiting water usage. There are several ways you can make your yard eco-friendly. The biggest consumer of water is your lawn. While reducing is not necessary, limiting the amount of time and water sprayed are two ways you can make it more economical. This will reduce your water bill and also maintain your landscaping at 90% of what it would be.

Xeriscaping is not for everyone. It is recommended you consult with your local landscaping company before you plan on proceeding. While one of the best landscaping decision you will make, it is not exactly the most budget friendly option out there. Best of luck to everyone. I look forward to seeing some before and after pictures.

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