Landscaping Contractors: Working with Us

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Landscaping Contractors: Working with Us

At Mr.Landscaper, we are extremely fortunate to work with some of the best clients in the business. We attract great quality customers due to out honest pricing and diligent work ethic. Over the years, I have worked with several home renovation experts and more often than not receive great feedback about the way their customers treated them. Of course not all of it is positive but a large part tends to be. As Landscaping Contractors, we do not have the luxury of working indoors with an A/C running. Rather our crews are used to working in really hot conditions with sweat dripping everywhere.

While it great that we do not interrupt your daily life, its great to be receiving some form of communication back and forth. It not only enhances the relationship between the two parties but it also lifts the spirits of the crews working who will try and go the extra mile to make you happy. You would be surprised the difference a bottle of water makes when the sun is burning down our necks. Here is a nice post about what we as landscape contractors expect from your and vice-versa.

Our Expectations

As professional Landscaping Contractors, we know what needs to be done even before we enter your property. We tend to budget the amount of time we are out as well as the resources that we need – food, water and any other material we need to sustain throughout the day. As the day goes on and the weather get’s hotter, a nice shady place to cool off would be amazing. Usually this tends to be your porch or your Garage where you store all your tools. Please do not mind us as all we will be doing is trying to avoid the heat in order to continue the work smoothly.

On top of that, we usually try and limit the amount of electronics we have as charging them throughout the entire day can prove to be counter productive. On top of that sometime we need to use the washroom and the boss is not always around. If we can possible use your restroom in the case of an emergency that would be fantastic. It would lift out spirits, reduce out stress and the job will be on track to be completed as soon as possible. It goes without saying that we will do our very best to limit the amount of damage we do inside the house as it really is dirty work. Please let us know if we make a big mess and I will be sure to take care of it asap.

Your Expectations

As a valued customer, you are entitled to the best project money can buy. We realize that. It is extremely rare that we run into those customers that give us a hard time during the project. Sometimes, the project might take longer for various reasons – lack of material, manpower etc..bear with us. If we are on site, we obviously value your business. If you ever were to run into an issue, please make sure you set up a meeting with the crew leader and everything will be under control. As the owner, I will do my best to keep a professional environment.However, I am not always around.

Things happen when I am not around. Employees smoke, swear and even worse damage your property. If there is anything that you would like to take care of right out of the gate. Let us know right away. You may feel like your being demanding,…but it is your property and you have every right to be. The only thing we ask is not come out in between the project and panic. Panic is the single worst thing when it comes to dealing with landscaping contractors. If you feel the project is not going as your imagined, use your words and explain why you feel that way. Everything can be settle with words.

Final Thoughts

A Contractor and Homeowner relationship is one of the most beautiful things. When I started this company years ago, I was a young teenager. I am still in contact with all my primary clients and continue to service them. I am forever thankful for them for helping me develop and grow my company. At the same time, they have seen my growth, both, as an individual and as a businessman. For all new clients, we are not expecting Pizza’s or Beers although that would certainly be fantastic. Just outline what your expectations are and we can definitely make it happen.

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