Landscaping Projects Or Dream Vacation

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Landscaping Projects Or Dream Vacation?

This is often a tough decision for homeowners across North America. Should it really be though? While you may be in favour of your dream vacation, the benefits of your landscaping project far outweigh the benefits of a dream vacation. Assuming the project and the vacation cost x dollars, the project will increase your property value, increase aesthetic value and lastly cost no more than the vacation. That being said, here are four major projects that you can get started on instead of your vacation.

Decks: Most Important Landscape Feature

Decks are one of the fastest way to spruce up and landscape. They are very budget friendly depending on the material you choose. Upon installation of the deck, you will be able to enjoy the day and also have outdoor meals. The luxury of having exterior grills and perhaps a portable outdoor kitchen is now available as you can cook food and eat it outdoors on the deck.

Decks are straight awesome. Even before you plan for a food preparation area, make sure your deck is large enough to hold all the kitchen equipment. On top of that, decks also support gazebo’s that can be used for various purposes. Whether you plan on playing cards, storing firewood or even meditate in the mornings, the choice is completely yours. The possibilities are endless but your backyard’s landscape starts with the deck. It is essentially the center piece of any backyard!

 Patios: Low-Maintenance Landscape Addition

Once you have gone ahead and put your deck together, your Patio must be the next area of focus. Similar to a deck, patios are low budget solutions that are available for all homeowners across North America. This of course depends on your choice of material and size of the deck. Most people really like to use interlock pavers as they usually tend to be the cheapest options available. There are other options available such as Flagstone and Stamped Concrete but are obviously tougher to install. The harder the labour the more expensive it gets.

In addition to that, your Patio is not complete without a touch of greenery. Whether you plan on attaching your patio to a raised flower bed or a retaining wall, the choice is yours. Just know that without a green patch, your patio is incomplete. The best option you have…again depending on your budget is to build a walkway to an isolated water fountain. In the middle will be a patch for either your shrubs or plants of choice. Be sure your patio is large enough to adjust for a few tables and chairs. You are going to need it to support the amount of people that will want to come visit you on the weekend!

Landscape Fixtures: Entering the World of Luxury

Once you have completed your deck and patio, it is time to really enter the world of Landscape luxury. Everyone has a deck and patio, but how many people have landscape fixtures along their lawn? Similar to any project, you will get what you pay for. Here are a few ideas to build your dream garden

Japanese Style Gardens: Professional Landscapers often build these gardens behind the principles of direction. The Japanese have strongly believed in “feng shui” for the longest time. While this will be the most expensive type of garden to build and maintain, it really will transform your property into a heaven. All of these gardens have water, rock and trees as well as a bridge present.

Xeriscaping Style Gardens: Xeriscaping refers to the art of using native plants in your backyard. It is a culture that embraces eco-friendly landscaping. This can be anything from saving on your water bill to recycling soil in the yard. Xeriscaping is a culture. Be sure you know what you are getting yourself into before committing.

English Style GardenPerhaps the oldest and most famous “pre-set” gardens. We are all very familiar with the English style of gardens. It will always include space for wildlife as well as humanity. As always there will be multiple walkways surrounding the garden as well as mature trees and a vegetable garden.

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