Lawn Care Simplified

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Lawn Care Simplified

Lawn Care is not easy. There are so many different factors that need to be taken into account before proceeding. In order to help make your life easier, we at Mr.Landscaper have prepared a list to give you a hand. While it is fairly labour intensive, Lawn Care is best left alone to the professionals. When handling pesticides, it is always recommended to contact a local lawn care specialist.

Lawn Care Checklist

Lawn OverseedingYour Lawn can always use a boost. Proper amounts of Triple Mix and Seeds is always essential to the long term health and vitality of your lawn. Be sure to add the proper amounts of soil. Overdoing it will damage your lawn.

Efficient Clean-Up: Whether it is the Spring or Fall Cleanup’s, be sure you do a great job. Spring Cleanup‘s are different from Fall Cleanups. Spring Cleanup’s usually involve Lawn Overseeding to potentially fix grade issues and the health of your lawn. Fall Cleanups on the other hand involve proper fertilization as well as cleaning up all the leaves.  

AerationAeration is a process that essentially pokes holes in the ground that allows the ground to breathe. Oxygen goes deep into the roots of the lawn and does a lot of good. It is one of the key procedures in helping your lawn stay free of diseases and other infections.

Check your Irrigation SystemProbably one of the biggest things to take care off when it comes to maintaining your landscape. In the absence of water, all your work goes to waste. Water is the most important things needed for survival. Be sure to have your irrigation system in check.

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