Natural Landscape Fences

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Natural Landscape Fences

A fence is something every homeowner needs on their property. It protects their privacy and allows your family to continue with the activities they love. As the industry standard, all over North America, Wooden Fences have become the norm. Whether it is maple, oak or even cherry (Yes…its possible). Have you ever considered installing a Natural Landscape Fence? Natural Landscape Fences are made of large trees that essentially take the spot of your fence. Do people do this? Is it even safe? Yes and a resounding Yes!

Benefits of Natural Landscape Fences

Security: Believe it or not, Natural Landscape Fences are actually safer than your traditional Fence. Think about it. If someone really wanted to hop your fence, they could. It is nearly impossible to climb over a 10 foot Emerald Cedar Tree. As an evergreen, these trees don’t shed allowing for privacy even during the winter months. As far as strength is concerned, the internal branches are strong enough to hold of intruders from making their way into your backyard.

Extended Wind Barrier: You are literally adding additional protection for your property. Trees that are that tall will be the ultimate wind breaker even if you live in a breezy area. They also hold off a lot of snow from falling on your backyard as well as front which saves you shoveling time and effort. All in all, you have a slight advantage when it comes to climate control with Natural Landscape Fences.

Aesthetic Value: Trees are more valuable than pieces of wood stuck together. That is a fact. As trees mature, they become more and more valuable. Once your fence is installed, nobody is rushing to try and buy it.

 Maintenance Requirements

Anytime there are trees involved, there is a maintenance. Unlike the wood fences which require little to no maintenance, these trees will be the polar opposite. It is always recommended you consult with a local landscaping professional to find out the maintenance requirements. Depending on how large you go, the more work will be needed. However, the bigger the trees, the larger the impact. Be sure to connect with your neighbors before proceeding with a project like this. The last thing you need a bad blood with your neighbour. One of the most overlooked aspects of these plants is the disturbance they can cause to any surrounding hardscapes. Be sure to account for growth and the impact it will have on the concrete walkways and sidewalks in your area.

Natural Landscape Fencing Estimate

Similar to traditional Fencing, Natural Landscape Fencing will cost a considerable amount of money. Depending on your property size and the type of trees you choose – Blue Spruce, Emerald Cedars or any other trees of choice, your budget will vary. The biggest advice we can give you is not underestimate the cost of project. It is always recommended to consult with a professional landscaping contractor  to get a better idea. Landscaping Contractors will go over the entire project in detail. This includes everything from cost of the trees, installation and potential spacing issue you may tun into. Shopping for prices with multiple vendors is always recommended but always choose experience over price. Believe it or not, it will work cheaper for you this way than the other way around.

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