Prepping Your Landscape for Winter

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Prepping Your Landscape for Winter

Winter is essentially the most important season for Gardeners and Landscapers everywhere. Yes. Seriously. Winter is essentially the time that you prepare your property for the summer. Improper preparation in the Winter will leave your lawn looking dormant in spring. That is the last thing you want. You want a beautiful landscape in the spring which will make way for a great summer. At Mr.Landscaper, we understand that your life is already stressful. We went ahead and prepared a list of chores for you to complete during the Winter to ensure a great spring.

Winter Landscapes: Lawn

Chances are your lawn takes up the biggest space on your property. While this is not always true, several properties we service have large lawns. Our logic is simple – the bigger the area, the more time it takes to prepare for winter. Fall time is usually the best time to fertilize and seed your lawn. Once the snow melts in the spring, all that water enters the seeds and fertilizer giving you a lush green lawn. Do not worry about seeds “dying” in the winter. That is just a myth and no such thing exists.

Make sure you cover up those lawn patches and if you are thinking about Sodding, now is the time to do it. The weather conditions are optimal as it is not too hot nor too cold. You will have ample time to water the sod which will be absorbed  by the roots. Considering Lawn Replacement is often a great decision as the money you spend trying to repair the lawn will equal the cost of Sod Installation.

Be sure to only install sod that is right for your region. Installing the wrong type in your region will essentially cost as much because you will damage your property. Purchasing Sod from a reputable grower or hiring a reputable landscaping contractor are two ways to avoid any mishaps.

Winter Landscapes: Shrubs and Hedges

Believe it or not, Pruning actually enhance the growth and vitality of your plants. Let’s take the example of Hydrangeas. You cut down the flowers and they will come back twice as strong. This is similar to cutting hair or shaving. The important part is to know what to prune and what to leave alone. Most of the pruning must be done in the fall when the leaves are brown and the season is coming to a close. This is the time when the plant has eclipsed and must be pruned down.

There is a science to proper pruning. Make sure you only cut of the branches and not the trunk of the tree. If you make this mistake you will pay a heavy price as it will take months if not years to grow back to its original height. If you are unsure about your plant’s biology, hire a professional gardener to help eliminate some confusion.

If you live in an area where there are severe winters, make sure you protect them from frost. Frost is the number one unexpected killer of plants during the winter. In order to avoid any accidents make sure to wrap your trees. Spreading another layer of mulch in the winter also provides more insulation for the tree giving it more protection

Winter Landscapes : Trees

Similar to the plants in your Garden, trees need to be winterised too. Like pruning plants, it is important to ensure proper pruning practices to achieve optimal results.  If your branches are not pruned properly, they may even damage your gutters in the long run costing you the health of the tree as well as the gutters.

If you are unsure about anything, go ahead and consult with a professional gardener. They will no best what practices must be used to get great results. Bottom line is to not ignore the trees. You will need to take care of them and now is the perfect time of the year.

Winter Landscapes : Fixtures

The biggest fixture homeowners across North America have is their irrigation systems. Just like how it needs to be winterised, there are other fixtures that need maintenance as well. Your Interlock, Patios around the house and potentially the water fixture all need work. Keeping them free of water will ensure their health and maintenance for years to come.

Depending on the work, you are once again better of consulting with a landscaping professional to make sure all things are taken care properly.

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