Raised Garden Beds

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Raised Garden Beds

Everyone loves Raised Garden Beds. It is the perfect ratio of stone to greenery. It is beneficial in several ways. Allowing more soil to be in place helps your landscaping live longer and thrive. Even Aesthetically, it raises the value of your home as well as beauty. Overall, raised garden beds anywhere are extremely popular and people will always continue to build them. Here are a few benefits of Garden Beds explained in detail.

Healthier Plants

The biggest benefit of raised garden bed is the improved health of your garden. These beds have better drainage, hold more soil and are generally a lot easier to maintain. Not to mention they tend to attract fewer weeds and insects. In the absence of weeds and insects, you can automatically presume the vitality of your plants. This is perhaps the best reason why garden beds are so popular. Healthier plants also mean better yields for any avid gardener across North America. Improved vitality means more fruit production as well as flowers. Your garden will never be the same.

 Easy Maintenance

There is no question that raised garden beds are a lot easier to maintain. Since they are usually pretty cut off from the lawn, the weeds and insects cannot just climb into your garden. Of course dealing with few bugs and weeds only means lesser maintenance. They really are the best present you can give any avid gardener. It also help older gardeners who are unable to bend down a lot as they do not have too anymore. Raised Garden’s are high enough for all owners to not exert themselves physically.

Good Material

While we can all agree that raised garden beds have their benefits, it is imperative for you to select your stone properly. Depending on the look your property currently has, the right stone can make your property. You can build these beds with typically any type of stone – concrete blocks, bricks,or leftover flagstone. However the easiest way to do so it use interlock pavers. They come in pre set forms where you have to use cement and pile them on top of each other.

It is also crucial to have proper landscape design before getting started. Landscaping Professionals in the industry will definitely have some great ideas for your yard as that is something they will deal with everyday. Be sure to consult with one before getting started. Best of Luck everyone. Look forward to see some before and after pictures.

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