Rooftop Gardens : An Oasis in Concrete Jungle’s

Sodding (Sod Installation and Lawn Replacement)

Rooftop Gardens : An Oasis in Concrete Jungle’s

If you live in a urban area, chances are you are starved for Greenery. This is especially true for people living in condo’s and apartments in major metropolitan areas across North America. Thankfully, there is a solution: Rooftop Gardens. For those familiar with the concept, you are most likely really happy to have one or work in a building with one. These Rooftop Gardens act as a personal oasis from the monotony of concrete life in and the city.

Benefits of Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Gardens are often a place for a condo’s or building’s inhabitants to mingle and interact with each other. While the social aspect of it is an obvious benefit, there are several other benefits associated with these gardens.

Aesthetic BeautyIn an area filled with Grey and different types of paint on drywall, any plants or greenery is a welcome addition for obvious reason. If you have a chance to escape to a mini oasis during your break or lunchtime, chances are you will be more energized with the change in scenery. Having some form of nature to escape too during a work day can be luxury few employees usually have. Great Selling point if you are trying to recruit some new talent to your organisation

Energy EfficiencyRooftop Gardens are located on the Roof. This is the very reason why they act as natural noise blockers. On top of that, they also provide building owners by cutting down on their utility bills. Being on top of the building will also allow you access to natural air as the pollution that rises is absorbed by these plants. This is the reason why these gardens are usually home to a cooler climate.

Final Thoughts

Rooftop Gardens are not the easiest projects to complete. They require special elevators as well as cranes in some scenarios to install. Remember to choose your plants properly. You do not want trees that grow too much as they will give you headaches in the years the come. Pick “Xeriscaping” plants that will survive all year round. Picking Low Maintenance plants will help you in the long run. Lastly and most importantly make sure you have proper drainage and grading levels. Best of Luck Everyone. I look forward to seeing some before and after shots of your projects.

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