Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Services


Sodding (Lawn Replacement) 

Mr.Landscaper’s Sodding Team provides high quality sod installation in areas surrounding Brampton and the GTA. Our experienced crew places customer satisfaction as it’s top priority. Utilising the best materials and emphasizing high quality work are two ways that make Mr.Landscaper’s Sodding Unique. It also ensures the long term health of your lawn for years to come protecting your investment. Sod around your house has been proven to help cool your house while absorbing excess heat from the Sun. If you live in Brampton or the GTA and are looking to replace your lawn, Contact us today!

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What is Sod? 

Sod or Sodding is another word for a roll of lawn or ready made grass that is bought at a sod farm or your local nursery in a rolled shape. Luckily in Ontario, we have several sod farms where the turf we purchase is thick, strong and healthy quality of grass. The most predominant type of Sod available is Kentucky Blue Grass which fits the hot summer and cold winter weather conditions in areas surrounding Brampton and the GTA.  The Proximity of several sod farms within a 10 kilometres of Brampton and the GTA allows us to deliver fresh sod right to the Job site. It allows Mr.Landscaper’s Sodding Crew to create optimal conditions to create good turf to surround the house.

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     Our Promise

  • Provide Free Estimate and Advice for Sodding
  • Only Use Best Materials Avaliable 
  • Provide Warranty on our work 
  • Use Farm Fresh Sod 
  • Awesome Ongoing Customer Service 
  • Tips and Advise to Protect your Investment 
  • Provide a Good Price for Great Work! 


     Our Price 

All Sodding installation Jobs are quoted by the square foot. Mr.Landscaper’s Sodding Service and Installation is no different. However, the rates we provide are always all-inclusive giving you the peace of mind with no surprises. The rate provided usually involves an estimate for all labour, preparing the ground, levelling the land  and installation of your fresh Sod.  The biggest determinant of your cost depends on your square footage. The bigger the size, the cheaper the rate will be. Over the years, customer’s have found our price to be fairly standard with the competition in and around Toronto and the GTA.